Bereft of logical (and actually factual) ideas, the UMNO-BN machinery is shamelessly continuing its relentless pounding of the Penang state government with baseless allegations, this time about the purported use of gambling-derived income for state-sponsored aid programmes.

I will not attempt to add to the discourse, as discussions on this topic are already wide-ranging (the Chief Minister’s own response, for example, provides sufficient explanation. Adding some width to the debate is also a judicious argument by Dr Asri, the former Mufti of Perlis, on the Islamic technicalities involved). Neither will I comment on the blatant hypocrisy of the accusers, so farcical it’s akin to the pot trying to paint the rice cooker black.

No, I would actually like to focus on an insinuation hurled by a most unlikely source, given the churlish quality of the statement. Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Chung-Ling alumnus, Princeton graduate, former Chief Minister of Penang, current Minister of KPI and for the most part a well-respected gentleman, had, in his speech over the weekend, actually likened Lim Guan Eng to Hitler:

He criticised Guan Eng’s approach to the matter as being simplistic, saying that as an accountant, the latter should realise that many factors must be considered before a decision is taken by the government.

“Of course he (Guan Eng) can give speeches like (former Indonesian leader) Sukarno and (German dictator Adolf) Hitler, he is clever to talk. But what is the solution?” he queried.

Now, you would typically expect this sort of crass disparagement from foamy-mouthed UMNO politicians, but Tsu Koon? Seriously, sir, are you that desperate for legitimacy that you would stoop this low? Or do you simply have nothing better to say? How about telling Malaysians what you actually do as Minister of KPI. I’m sorry – what’s that?

Nota Bene:

A friend asked me today: what exactly does Koh Tsu Koon do in his portfolio as Minister of KPI?

Well, I shrugged, I don’t really know myself, but I can tell you how he ended up in the job:

You see, one day not too long ago, Koh paid the Prime Minister a visit at Seri Perdana, ostensibly lobbying for a job. In the midst of discussion, the PM mentioned that he was thirsty.

Being the loyal man that he is, Koh hurriedly fetched his boss a cup of coffee. The PM was well impressed and remarked: Wah, bagusnya! Awak patut jadi Menteri Kopi!

As they say, mistakes are made in translation, and somehow or other the ‘o’ went missing and Koh ended up being Minister of KPI.

Based on this, I suppose one can assume his job is to serve coffee at Putra Perdana.

One Kopi ‘O’ please, without the ‘O’!